8 Signs Date #1 Will Be Followed By Another

a beautiful woman thinking about her date

If your first date is went well, it stands to reason you will eventually ask yourself "Will there be a second date?"

Believe it or not, but there are actually several signs you can keep in mind. Whether you need online dating tips to supplement your experience of getting a date through one of the top 10 dating sites, or if you need some ideas to help you with a shared public experience, there are things you can look for within yourself.

When Date #2 Is Definitely Going To Happen

Here are 8 signs your first date is definitely going to end with a second date:

  1. You're really attracted to them in person:

    All across the lifespan of that 1st date, you feel a complete attraction to their looks, their wit, their charm, and their intelligence.

  2. You're really attracted to them online:

    One of the most important online dating tips anyone could ever hope to give you is to look for strong signs of attractions in your online interactions. Assuming you met at one of the top 10 dating sites (like Match.com), you will definitely want to look for an attraction to personality, sense of humor, and other intangibles.

  3. Everyone is laughing:

    This is a sign you can look for within not only yourself, but with your date, as well.

  4. They ask smart, personalized questions:

    If they are definitely digging you, they will want to know more about you. Smart, personalized questions will make that clear.

  5. They aren't just talking about themselves:

    Regardless of which of the top 10 dating sites you met your online dating mate at, it stands to reason that you are not interested in the self-absorbed type. If they are really attracted to you, they are going to talk about more than just themselves.

  6. They are present:

    A crucial first date experience means spending time with someone who is very firmly in the moment. They aren't a million miles away.

  7. They put the phone down:

    Whether it is the 1st date or second date, we understand that most of us can't completely shut out our phones for a couple of hours. However, you still want someone spending more time with your than with their smartphone.

  8. Common interests:

    Having at least a couple of common interests is essential.

Thankfully, Match.com makes it really easy to keep that list tip in mind, allowing you to focus on those with shared interests.