The 5 Types of Lesbians Never To Date

a woman thinking about her first date to come

The straight people have a lot of options when it comes to dating. Making a choice on who to date is much easier for the straight peeps. The lesbian dating scene is very small and so its more difficult to find a partner that suits your style and personality. Am not discriminating but there are some bi/lesbians you ought to avoid so that you can enjoy your relationship. If you are not careful and you end up with them it would cause you an emotional pain. Below are the five types of Lesbian/Bi women to be avoided at all costs.

The addicts

These kinds of ladies are arrogant and they are not emotionally balanced. They want to dominate and make you feel that they are very important. They don't want their opinions to be disregarded. They always have their phones as their companion. Another attribute is that they ignore people around them.

Scene Queens

These ladies always want to be seen. They know every event that would hold during the weekend. They are obsessed with every gossip in town, networking reputation. Usually they are friends with everyone at the bar and want to sit on the table with 'important people'. They make friends with not so cool ladies so that they can always be seen as the cool one. All their discussions are about themselves. These set of ladies should be avoided.

Fake homo

Some ladies just want to feel among or try new things. These ladies are not interested in having any relationship rather just want to test the waters. They are clearly not lesbians or interested in become one. Their actions make you feel like they are ready to love you but when you get serious you would be heartbroken and disappointed. Then they would come out and state clearly that they are straight. Avoid them when you notice them.

Gold diggers

They can date any woman, but when a penis passes their part, they would grab it with all their heart. They’re betrayals because immediately they find a penis that suits them, they would dump you and leave you feeling miserable and broken. Their aim of becoming lesbians may be because they have had several issues in their previous relationship with straight guys. That's why these ladies always run back to them when it safe to do so.

Social media freaks

A simple way to identify them is that these ladies are always on social media. All the pictures of their jewelries, shoes and accessories are on social media. Noisy discussions, drinking games, and behave very immature, remind you of girls camp.

When you are able to detect these attributes, you should be able to be in a happy relationship.