7 Tips to Assist You in the Lesbian Dating Scene

a woman thinking about her first date to come

Let's face it: most lesbian relationships don't start like they do in the movies, with a meet that provides a funny story to tell for years to come. While we have never had more access to one another(thanks to the Internet), it is also easier for someone to become disinterested and turn their attentions elsewhere.

Thanks to the following tips, you can make your next lesbian dating experience one to remember, as opposed to the typical nightmare.

  • 1. Shut Up About Your Ex
    If the woman you are dating asks about exes, it is alright to provide some basic information. However, a date should never serve as an opportunity for you to leap onto a soapbox and tell the whole sordid tale from start to finish. Doing so just might scare her off before she's had a chance to get to know you.

  • 2. Open Your Wallet
    While you do not need to take her to the fanciest restaurant in town, there's nothing wrong with bringing her a small gift or a nice bottle of wine. Doing so shows her that you're thoughtful, considerate and most importantly, not a cheapskate.

  • 3. Ask Her Out Directly
    Do not use the same old "maybe we should hang out together some time" line as a means of asking for a date. It is in your best interests to have a plan and ask her directly. It is much more difficult to say no to "me and you, let's have dinner at 6, at this specific location".

  • 4. Be an Engaging Conversationalist
    Don't be one of those people who goes out on a date and refuses to talk about anything deeper than the weather or the food. Be willing to express your views on a variety of topics and don't change the subject if the conversation goes beyond the surface level.

  • 5. Ask Questions
    One of the worst things that you can do on a date is monopolize the conversation. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and when she provides an answer that warrants a follow up, continue to inquire, as this will indicate your level of interest.

  • 6. Text After The Date
    Sending a text after a date that goes well to let her know that you had a good time is always a great idea. Don't worry, you're not making yourself too available or asking for her hand in marriage, its considered polite and lets her know that you greatly enjoyed her company.

  • 7. Be Quiet
    That means no heading to Facebook or Instagram before the date to boast about having someone to go out and no coming home after to tell social media about the fun time you had. The lesbian community doesn't need to know every single detail.